Cremation Services


The cremated remains can be placed in a small decorative container that may be placed in the home or buried in a special place. Many wish to scatter the cremated remains in an area where the pet loved to roam. Alternatively, monuments may be purchased to mark a more permanent interment. 


Private Cremation Services


  • True Local Private Cremation- Your pet is the ONLY pet in our cremation unit. Your pet will never leave our care or travel out of the area. 
  • We use a Dual Identification Tracking System incorporating Barcode Scanning and Unique Metal Identification Tags that accompany your pet from pickup to return.
  • Remains are placed in a beautiful, appropriately sized, rosewood Tree of Life urn.1
  • Cremation Certificates are provided for every pet entrusted to our care for Private Cremation.
  • Receiving of your pet into our care during normal business hours. 


Private Cremation Service Pricing


0-49 Lbs.


50-99 Lbs.


100+ Lbs.



Provided Rosewood Tree of Life Urn




Additional Memorial Options



Engraved Brass Name Plate- $20









Impression Paw Print Keepsake- $50






 Ink Paw Print Keepsake- $25




Lock of fur - No Charge